Included features

Of colocation service..

IPv4 & Network

The basic plan is supported by default 100Mbps bandwidth and 1 IPv4.


IP KVM is a specialized device to support remote control operation when the server has a problem.

When you cannot manage the server through normal management protocols such as SSH, Remote Desktop, IP KVM will be a powerful support tool. See more how to manipulate IP KVM here..

Private Network

If you set up many servers and need to connect these servers together, 123HOST will provide a free private network connection with a speed of 1Gbps..

Consult and Support

When using the service of 123HOST, you will be consulted and supported 24/7 by an experienced technical team. We can support you with all issues related to using the server such as installation, optimization, software/service debugging, security holes..

Special support policy

Customers are using the dedicated server service with the number of 2 or more servers or belonging to potential customers (*), 123HOST can support through private channels such as Telegram or Facebook Messenger. Here, customers will be directly supported by staff with 8 years of experience or more. At the same time, these groups have the CTO and CEO of 123HOST..

(*) Customers are considered potential if customers have been using many Server, Cloud services at 123HOST or other similar providers.

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