Price list of attached options.

More options to meet all your server usage needs. If your wish is not on the list below, please contact the Sales Department for assistance.

Type of service Unit Price/month
IP and Network Lines
1 IPv4 $5.26
> 5 IPv4 1 Contact for getting good price
Private network (Gbps) Free
100Mbps Domestic bandwidth $84.21
500Mbps Domestic bandwidth $394.74
1Gbps Domestic bandwidth $789.47
2Mbps International bandwidth Contact Us
Software Copyright
CloudLinux Internal $21.02
Imunify360 (single) $28.66
Imunify360 (250 Users) $61.14
cPanel Premier (100 Accounts) $77.38
LiteSpeed Web Host Enterprise (2 Workers) $77.38
LiteSpeed Web Host Enterprise (4 Workers) $124.18

  1. 123HOST uses IPv4 issued by Vietnam Internet Center (VNNIC) and advertises IP itself. Due to the scarcity of IPv4, depending on the time, IPv4 has different prices. If you need IPv4 in bulk, please contact 123HOST for the best quote.

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