Terms of Service

When customers use the service of 123HOST, it means that the customer completely agrees with the provisions attached to the contract and the following regulations:


Provide complete and accurate information when registering an account on the customer management system of 123HOST https://client.123host .vn/ as well as information in the contract between 123HOST and you.

You are responsible for all data stored on your server (if using a colocation service) and data stored on 123HOST's server (if using hosting and other services).

You protect your email account information and login information into 123HOST's customer management system. In case of revealing login information to 123HOST's customer management system, you must immediately contact 123HOST for instructions and support.

In case you change personal information or organizational information such as phone number, place of residence, company name, etc., it must immediately be updated fully and accurately in the customer management system of 123HOST.

Do not use the account registered and allocated on the customer system of 123HOST for the purposes such as stealing information, vandalism, breaking the law, and other actions that violate the regulations on using services of 123HOST.


When registering a service on the 123HOST system, an invoice corresponding to the service will be generated. The service will be activated after the relevant invoice is paid.

If the service is active and the invoice is unpaid, the customer management system of 123HOST will automatically block the customer's service.

2.1. Terms of online payment

2.1.1. Explanation of words

  • Term: These are the provisions between 123HOST and you.
  • Third-party: Is a unit connected with 123HOST (Onepay, Vietcombank, Ngan Luong, Bao Kim) to support your online payment.

2.1.2. About customer information

When making online payments, you will be asked to provide some personal and account information.

For personal information: This information is only for your service confirmation needs.

For account information: This information will be applied by 123HOST and third parties with the highest security methods provided by famous payment gateway systems such as Visa and MasterCard to ensure absolute safety for the customer's account information.

2.1.3. About the linked websites

The 123HOST's website contains links to third-party's websites. Linking to third-party websites is for the convenience of customers; This is not an endorsement, approval of the content, product information on the linked websites. Therefore, 123HOST will not take responsibility for any liability regarding the content of websites linked to third parties.

2.2. Terms of refund

Please see terms of refund policy here


3.1 Storing and copyright content

3.1.1. Content

The works such as storing, distributing, or publishing illegal information are violating the laws of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam, and international laws applied in Vietnam. And that is prohibited strictly.

It is prohibited to use the service in storing and distributing the depraved, defamatory content that affects the reputation and honor of others.

It is strictly prohibited to store and distribute malicious code (shells, scripts, etc.) for the purpose of attacking other services or affecting the system.

3.1.2. Copyright

123HOST and customers are responsible for respecting and complying with regulations and policies on software copyright, copyright, invention rights, patents…. for products and content used in the process of providing and using the service.

3.2. Terms of the system security

Website is attacked by denial of service (DOS/DDOS) or any other form that causes system overload.

The website is infected with malware or any other threat that damages or may affect the service provided by 123HOST.

Any action that damages or affects the reputation of 123HOST.

3.3. SPAM, spreading promotional emails

123HOST doesn't accept sending SPAM and spreading promotional emails during the time of using the services. You are responsible for controlling in sending Emails by your account. Any consequences of SPAM and distribution of promotional emails, you will be yourself responsible.

Detecting SPAM on your account may result in the account being suspended or permanently locked depending on the severity of the breach.

Rights and responsibilities of 123HOST in cooperating with competent authorities in investigating and handling cases of law violation:

  • 123HOST has the right to directly inspect and intervene to edit your data to handle the consequences of your violations.
  • 123HOST will provide contact information and access authority of your data if 123HOST receives a written request from the competent authorities.


4.1. Data backup

With the Hosting service, 123HOST's backup system will store 7 backup copies in the last 7 days. 123HOST will not guarantee the accuracy and intactness of these backups. Services other than Hosting, 123HOST does not have the task of backing up data.

4.2 Data recovery

When the customer needs to recover the hosting's data at the time within the last 7 days, 123HOST will restore it for free and does not guarantee after recovering the website will work normally and the data will be intact as the point before backup.

Customers need to back up their data before requesting 123HOST for data recovery.


123HOST has the right to suspend your service if you violate any terms of using the service.

Service will be suspended if payment is overdue from 7 days or more.

123HOST has the right to revoke your IP if the service is suspended for more than 7 days.

Hosting plans will be canceled after the service is suspended for more than 7 days.

Hosting plans using MySQL cannot exceed 700MB per database.

Using hosting for the purpose of storing files to download, causing bandwidth congestion on the hosting server.


Customers are responsible for compensation in case of violation of the regulations set forth by 123HOST. In case, 123HOST is sued because the customer violates the terms of using the service, and the customer must pay all fees including loss fees, court fees.

If 123HOST does not guarantee the committed quality, 123HOST will compensate you in the form of increasing the time of the service or refunding the service fee that you have paid. The level and value of compensation are decided by 123HOST. These do not include any cost of loss that you suffer from damage caused by not ensuring the quality of the commitment.

7. Terms of domain

Please see more the the terms of domain here


We have the right to change the terms of service at any time. These changes will be notified to you and take effect immediately.

If you do not agree and do not accept the terms of using services, the customer needs to contact 123HOST to terminate the use of the service provided by 123HOST.

For any information, questions or comments related to the terms of service, please send comments via email info@123host.vn or here