Guides to transfer
ownership of domain in Vietnam

Transferring of the right to use an Internet domain granted without an auction means that an organization or individual transferring the entire right to use an Internet domain name under the extension of the Vietnamese national Internet domain name “.vn” which has been granted without any form of the auction for other organizations and individuals. (According to Circular No: 16/2016/TT-BTTTT).

Let make you better understand the issue of the right of the transferring, 123HOST would like to send you information about the steps to transfer Vietnamese domains as follows:

Step 1: Set of transferring domain documents:
  • The written request for transferring and the transfer receipt is certified by the participating parties. (Download here)
  • ID card/Passport of the representative of the transferor and the transferee.
  • Declaration of registration information using domain certified by the transferee. (Download here)
  • Declaration of domain registration of the transferee.(Download here – Individuals)(Download here – organizations).
  • • A commitment that is not a taxpayer or a tax payment receipt (for individuals), VAT invoices of transferring domain QSD (for organizations). (Download here)
Step 2:

The domain provider will check, review and notify the transfer results to the parties within 5 days.

Step 3:

The parties of the transferring have to complete the tax payment obligation and send documents to show that the parties of the transferring have completed the payment of the transfer tax according to the guidance of the Ministry of Finance.

Step 4:

The transferee completes the procedure for re-registering the transferred domain and pays the re-registration fee of $10.52 and the transfer service fee of $86.84 (VAT included).

Step 5:

123HOST will coordinate with the provider to re-register the domain and notify the results when completing.

For more information, please contact BUSINESS DEPARTMENT – 028 73 002 123 (Press 1).