Refund policy

For your peace of mind to register and use the service, 123HOST has a specific refund policy as follows:

1. Only refund when the service cannot be initialized

For some reason, you have paid but the service cannot be initiated, 123HOST will refund 100% of the amount you paid.

For example: You have already made a payment for domain registration, but the domain that you choose and the Vietnam Internet Network Information Center doesn't allow for registration. 123HOST will refund 100% for you.

2. Refunds are not supported for the remaining unused days

When you register for the service but have not used up the paid days, 123HOST does not support refunding the remaining days.

3. Time and method of refund

For refund requests, please contact the Accounting Department by send tickets or email to

You need to provide enough information about the invoice number to be refunded. At the same time, the Accounting Department may ask for more information to verify the refund request.

Refund requests will be processed from 1 to 7 business days depending on the case.

The refunded amount will be returned to the credit balance in your account at to use other services at 123HOST or be refunded to your bank account.