Introduction of 123HOST

Experince the service of 123HOST, and you will be satisfied!

Digital Storage Co., Ltd – Brand 123HOST is the most enthusiastic customer support Website Hosting service provider. Established in 2012 with a young, dynamic, and professional team. All our operations apply automation standards and closed operating procedures. This automation will help reduce the risks related to people.


The system of domains, hosting, and Cloud VPS all operate independently and fully automatically. We have a team of specialized personnel to improve the quality of existing systems, develop new systems, and is a prerequisite in providing thoughtful support to customers.

Putting customers' benefit comes first

It is the automation and high-end technology that save investment costs in human resources, and bring outstanding performance and stability for service, and bring benefits about the price for customers.

Outstanding infrastructure

We prioritize investment in network infrastructure, security, and data center. Because of good infrastructure, powerful server systems, and advanced software, your service will operate with the highest stability. At the same time, we have a 24/24 attack monitoring system, which automatically blocks specialized attacks. All of the above factors will give you absolute peace of mind when using the service at 123HOST.

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