Terms of Domains

When you register and maintain a domain at 123HOST, it means that you fully agree with the provisions attached to the contract and the following regulations:

Article 1: A domain name is a special resource, which is granted to those who register first. 123HOST provides domain registration services with the condition that the domain has not been registered by another entity at the time of registration and has completed the domain registration and is approved by the domain management agency. For domain .VN, comply with the registration requirements under Circular 24/2015/TT-BTTTT as amended by Circular 06/2019/TT-BTTTT – Terms of management and use of Internet resources issued by the Ministry of Information and Communications.

Article 2: In case the domain cannot be registered because it is owned by another individual or entity; or because you are not qualified to register under the domain registration regulations, 123HOST will refund the entire domain registration fee to you.

Article 3: With premium domains or .VN domains with 1 to 2 characters are special domains provided by the top-level domain authority, and they cannot be registered or renewed at the usual standard price. Therefore, please call us for more information about these domains. However, in some cases, premium domains or .VN domains have 1 to 2 characters but still show up in the quotes as regular domains, we will inform you of the additional fee before official registration or renewal.

Article 4: You acknowledge and agree that the domain registration service is non-refundable once the registration has been made, renewed or you unilaterally terminate the use of the service.

Article 5: Once the registration is completed, you cannot edit the name of the domain and the name of the subject for the Vietnamese domain except for specific cases prescribed by VNNIC.

Article 6: Expired domains without paying maintenance fees will be allocated to other registrants if any. 123HOST has no right to manage and take responsibility for the owner of the domain that does not continue to renew its use.

Article 7: 123HOST is not responsible for the delay or loss of the domain due to the owner's failure to pay the renewal fee or pay the maintenance fee late.

Article 8: You are the owner of the domain must self-manage and be solely responsible for the use of your domains. Any expired domain is no longer owned by the old domain holder.

Article 9: The domain holder undertakes to abide by the laws, regulations, and orders from local and national courts regarding the registration of domains.

Article 10: Subjects are strictly prohibited to perform actions that violate terms of using service of 123HOST. The domain holder undertakes to abide by the laws, regulations, and orders from local and national courts relating to the registration of domains and the regulations of the respective top management authority of the type of domain you registered.

Article 11: You are responsible for notifying the use of a domain that is not a national domain .VN on the website https:/ /www.thongbaotenmien.vn/ of the Ministry of Information and Communications – According to Article 23 of the current Law on Information Technology or legal documents have a legal effect from time to time.

Article 12: When registering an international domain, according to the regulations of the International High-level Domain Organization (ICANN), you are responsible for verifying the information declared with the registrar with your own domain account management, within 15 days after successful registration of the international domains. The language used in the confirmation email is English. please refer to the manual here. 123HOST will not be responsible for damage related to the domain being locked because you do not confirm the date specified by ICANN.