Included features.

Of the Server service plan in Vietnam.


Each server is assigned 01 Public IPv4 address by default. Also, you can buy more IPv4 up to 256 IP.


IP KVM is a specialized device to support remote control operation when the server has a problem.

When you cannot manage the server through normal management protocols such as SSH, Remote Desktop, IP KVM will be a powerful support tool. See more how to manipulate IP KVM here..

Private Network

If you rent multiple servers at 123HOST and need to connect these servers together, 123HOST will provide a free private network connection with a speed of 1Gbps..

Consult and Support

When using the service of 123HOST, you will be consulted and supported 24/7 by an experienced technical team. We can support you with all issues related to using the server such as installation, optimization, software/service debugging, security holes..

Choose 123HOST for your website to be efficient, safe and stable

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