Regulation of the Free Hosting service

1. Usage period

Free hosting plans allow use every 30 days. 7 days before the overdue date, the system will send you an email reminding you to renew, you need to log in, go to Term & Renew and click the Renew button. This renewal process is completely free. Once completed, the system will automatically renew for another 30 days. This renewal is to ensure that the free hosting plans are still being used by customers.

After 7 days from the overdue date, the system will automatically lock the service. After 15 days from the overdue date, the system will automatically cancel the service to free up resources. Therefore, you need to renew your service before this time.

See more Instructions to renew Free Hosting here

2. Register and review

  • Each customer can only register and use maximum of 1 free Hosting plan.
  • Free Hosting service is only activated during office hours from 8 am to 5pm from Monday to Friday. If you register out of office hours, please wait the system.
  • Only accept orders with Vietnam IP.
  • Please do not create multiple accounts to register for free Hosting service. If you violate, all accounts will be locked.

3. It is strictly forbidden to use the service to serve the purposes below:

  • Store, distribute or publish information or documents that violate the laws of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam and international law.
  • Store and distribute depraved, defamatory content that affects the reputation and honor of other people.
  • Store phishing websites.
  • Store and distribute malicious scripts that damage server resources: shoutbox, download (rapid leech), spam mail, do not take advantage of spreading viruses, trojans, backdoors, web shells, local attacks... affect the community.
  • Not used to operate webgames, websites that trade game accounts or virtual in-game items, game-providing websites, except for game news websites.
  • Store and run virtual currency mining software.
  • Store and run software or scripts connected to Facebook for purposes such as increasing virtual likes.
  • Upload – downloads data, movies, music, contains backup data. Website serving CDN.

4. Customer Responsibilities

Provide complete and accurate information when registering an account on 123HOST's website system. In particularly, the information includes:

  • Name of person or organization.
  • Phone number, email.

In some cases where verification is required, 123HOST may ask customers to provide information for authentication. That includes:

  • Verify by asking for ID number, ID photo.
  • Verify by calling: Please receive a call from 123HOST.

You are responsible for all data stored on your hosting account.

5. Limitation of Technical Department

We prioritize the support staff of the Technical Department for paid hosting plans. Therefore, our free hosting plans will limit support as follows:

  • Only support checking errors of cPanel login and errors of cPanel features.
  • Refer to the articles on the documentation page when you need instructions or post a question at the SysAdmin Community
  • 6. Authority of 123HOST

    Making sure the system is operating stably, and the server resources are used for the intended purpose, 123HOST has the right to suspend the service if it detects that your hosting account violates the service regulations.

    Hosting accounts will be locked and canceled as specified in Article 1. Usage time. Therefore, you need to back up your data before these milestones when you no longer need to use the service. 123HOST is not responsible for the data stored on the free hosting server.

    We may update or change these rules without prior notice.

    For any questions, please contact email 123HOST thanks you a lot.

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